AESL Teacher Certificate Course

This teacher certificate program is especially for people who have the desire to teach English in a local language school and/or to give private lessons in a particular place or online. It covers most of the terminology used in English teaching and offers practical advice on using the correct methods of teaching that are aligned with the students’ ability to learn. This course has 25 hours of class time plus hours of individual review and watching of video clips of teachers teaching in a classroom as well as videos of different teachers sharing their experiences.

Upon finishing the total class hours of this course, there will be a test of the material covered in the course. Following the test, there will be a practicum in which the teacher-in-training will be required to prepare a class based on their personal study from the course book on class preparation, and then teach their class online with teacher supervision.

Content List of the Teacher Certificate Course

1. Grammar: parts of speech
2. Vocabulary: types of meaning
3. Vocabulary: word information
4. Vocabulary: word groupings
5. Pronunciation: symbols from the International Phonemic Alphabet (IPA)/phonemes
6. Pronunciation: stress
7. Pronunciation: intonation
8. Pronunciation: connected speech (language)
9. Functions
10. Language skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing and sub-skills
11. Features of spoken and written texts
12. Features of spoken and written texts: accuracy and fluency
13. Types of meaning; sense relations
14. Word formation
15. Lexical units: collocation, lexical phrases/chunks
16. Register


1. Making a lesson plan
2. Teaching a lesson